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    Not only is it one of the stores that sells unicorn items

    We love unicorns, of course. And more than that, we want to share our fascination for this intriguing animal by sharing all kinds of facts and information about unicorns based on serious research and thorough investigation. We also sprinkle a lot of imagination and fun into every page.

    Images of Unicorns and Drawings of Unicorns

    Unicorns were at the height of popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s. T-shirts and sweatshirts and even hats and other unicorn items could be purchased in many stores. Even Barbie had her toy unicorns, and suddenly they were back again today, appearing on clothing, cosmetics and utensils and other unicorn things, sometimes unexpectedly.

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    Unicorn world. Unicorn item store

    These giant stuffed unicorn toys have given us a big surprise. What kid wouldn’t want to sleep in unicorn pajamas? We love to have breakfast with the cups with funny drawings of unicorns and their motivating phrases, we put on pictures of unicorns to decorate our homes, we dress up in unicorn and unicorn horn costumes, not only women and children, but also men, for birthday parties or bachelor parties and even communions.

    And to relax we choose unicorns in Kawaii drawings, to paint in full color or majestic drawings of unicorns with wings to color. And if we think it is not enough, unicorns are in movies and cartoons.

    Are unicorns real?

    Many people wonder if unicorns are real … Well, let’s look at this long-lasting question. While some will open their minds and imagination wide and probably say “absolutely yes”, others will raise their eyebrows suspiciously and seriously question the existence of the mystical creature.

    Please give me all the facts about the unicorn!

    These mystical creatures often appear in children’s stories and children’s programming with a focus on the magical quality of unicorns and their horns. >> Learn all the facts about unicorns (guaranteed to entertain young and old)

    Hey, what's up, Unicorn?

    While they used to appear only in myths or medieval knighthoods, today unicorns are making increasing appearances in our daily lives. From popular online games, movies to social networks, unicorns are everywhere! >> Follow the Unicorn Blog for the latest information on the whereabouts of this mystical creature in today’s pop culture

    The unicorn's message to you

    Whether it’s a fluffy pink unicorn looking to erase an unwanted thought or a character from the latest TV show My Little Pony, unicorns have a universal meaning of sweet joy in today’s culture. Although some artists have spread ideas such as the zombie unicorns and the strange pink and purple villains from the Youtube series Charlie Unicorn, most unicorn references come with a simple and positive message.

    The unicorn’s message includes themes such as:

    • Believe in yourself!
    • Every day can be a magical adventure!
    • You are special just the way you are!

    Let the unicorn inspire us and bring a little more happiness, fun and magic into our lives…

    A little history of unicorns

    Once upon a time… The Greek historian Ctesias gave us the first recorded description of the unicorn in the 5th century BC. According to his description, the unicorn was a donkey as big or bigger than a horse with a pure white coat, a red head and a single horn in the middle of the forehead. According to reports, the horn had an elbow (45-46cm) long with a white base, a black center and a flaming red tip. In addition, the horn was believed to have magical powers. Drinking from a cup made of unicorn horn is believed to cure a lot of diseases and even reverse the effects of the poison.

    Legends about Unicorns

    Because people believed that the unicorn’s horn had magical powers, selling unicorn horns became popular in the Middle Ages. Although the horns were probably those of goats or cows, and sometimes narwhals, they were often used as drinking containers or ground to powder and used in magic potions.

    During the Middle Ages, unicorns also began to appear in art and literature. These beautiful creatures were often depicted as mystical beings bringing blessings, divine truth, or sometimes damsels rescued in distress.

    Do you want to know more about myths and stories…? >> Discover the fascinating mythology of unicorns

    Unicorn Memes in our culture

    Unicorns are not new, but their popularity on the Internet is a fairly recent development. This ancient mythical creature is enjoying a renaissance of its own right now, both in images created by hobby computer users and for products sold in stores. Are you seeing pop-up unicorns daily through your Twitter feed, Tumblr board or Facebook page? >> Find out the reason behind the animal’s surge in popularity due to its use as a meme.

    What is a Purple Unicorn? Meanings in contemporary culture

    The unicorn has a glorious and mysterious history, but it also remains a completely modern symbol thanks to a recent use of the word for new purposes. While once strictly associated with virtuous and chaste maidens resting in meadows, today’s unicorns represent a much wider range of concepts and ideas. The phrase “purple unicorn” takes on its own meanings, so keep up with the changes in contemporary meme culture to keep your jargon fresh. >> Learn more about the Purple Unicorn

    Know your Memes: "Pink Fluffy Unicorns"

    When you create a joke or a song that goes viral, it is almost impossible to predict what people will spread and what will languish in the unknown. YouTube personality Andrew Huang didn’t necessarily plan to create a hit when he recorded a short song about fluffy pink unicorns dancing on rainbows based on a commentary left in an earlier video. However, YouTube fans often elevate the strangest things to the heights of viral popularity, and this meme is no different. >> Learn more about Unicorns Fluffy Pink

    Unicorn Horn

    A unicorn horn, also known as an alicorn, is an object of legend whose reality was accepted in Western Europe throughout the Middle Ages. Many antidote virtues and healing powers have been attributed to the unicorn’s horn. The existence of healing properties contained within the unicorn’s horn has been believed since the 13th century. It was because of these beliefs that unicorn horn became one of the most expensive remedies during the Renaissance. This justified its use in the royal courts. >> Learn more about the unicorn’s horn

    Unicorn Sturtups

    Unicorn Startup is an investment industry term, and is defined as a technology company based in the US. It started in 2003 and is worth $1 billion or more. The term has been popularized by Aileen Lee of Cowboy Ventures. When Aileen Lee coined the term in 2013, there were only 39 companies that fit the description. Therefore, they were considered as rare as unicorns. By 2015, that number has more than doubled. >> Learn more about Unicorn Startups

    The invisible pink movement of the unicorn

    The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) is a parody religion created by a group of atheists for the sole purpose of discrediting the beliefs of other organized religions. Its main message is that believing in something that cannot be seen or proven to exist is a delusional way of thinking that stalks the followers of all religions. >> Learn more about the invisible pink unicorn movement

    Can unicorns fly?

    With all the unicorns parading around the Facebook feeds and adorning cute t-shirts, many people are considering these magical horses for the first time. Naturally, the mythical nature of the beasts leads to many questions, such as “Can unicorns fly? The story of the unicorn has an answer, but the modern interpretation of the creature takes a decidedly different angle on the same issue. >> Learn more about Flying Unicorns

    How to draw a unicorn

    Many children and adults enjoy drawing unicorns to add to journal entries, illustrate stories or simply for the joy of expressing their concept of a mystical unicorn. While there is no right or wrong way to draw a unicorn, there are several resources available to learn how to draw a basic unicorn. >> Learn more about drawing a Unicorn

    Black Unicorns: traditional meanings and symbolism in our culture today

    When the image of a unicorn appears, the traditional image of the mythical beast is that of a white horse wearing a black horn in the center of its head. This is not to rule out the notion of a black unicorn, since while it is not so present in mythological stories or in today’s culture, it does appear from time to time. >> Learn more about Black Unicorns

    The last unicorn

    The Last Unicorn is a fantasy novel written by Peter S. Beagle and published in 1968, by Viking Press in the United States and The Bodley Head in the United Kingdom, as well as an animated fantasy film directed and produced by Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules. Bass. The film is about a unicorn who, upon learning that she is the last of her species in the world, goes on a quest to discover what has happened to the rest of her species. >> Learn more about The Last Unicorn

    Here they are, more real than ever.

    Different theories explain this tendency by the fact that the unicorn is a constant hero of social networks, and also because in this disturbing political climate, these magical beings provide us with a good dose of frivolity and fantasy, which is always nice.

    Do you remember these wonderful mythical creatures with the rainbow hair, winking at us from the images or photos, while mom turned around?

    Oh, if you grew up, that doesn’t mean that unicorns are gone forever.

    Real unicorns, if we are realistic, can be difficult (okay, unreal) to find on the street, but if the children’s fantasy doesn’t want to let go, look for them in clothes, accessories and even in the objects inside. What child wouldn’t like to have a unicorn cuddly toy Gru, find in an album to color or paint pink, blue and all imaginary colors unicorns.

    Wikipedia says that the unicorn is “a mythical creature, symbolizes chastity, in a broad sense of spiritual purity and quest”.
    Perhaps this popularity is due to the mystery and extraordinary abilities of the most incredible creature, strong and noble, becomes sweet and humble in the presence of a virgin, and his horn has many wonderful properties.

    Today continue to talk and write about the unicorn. He is a frequent character in works of art and paintings, in symbols and allegories.

    Fabulous winged horses with pink manes, long eyelashes and a shining horn have almost enslaved the whole world.

    It doesn’t matter if they inspire you, but the most important brands have been influenced by this, in the true sense of the word, magical trend. From the fashion and beauty industry to the bakery and kitchen.

    Youtubers keeps talking about rainbow horse fashion and they teach us more things about unicorns every day.

    If you are looking for items with unicorns, things like t-shirts, dresses, bags and backpacks, pajamas, slippers and slippers, key chains, gifts, stuffed animals, you are in the right place.